Andrew Schrock is a multi faceted artist, ambitiously delving into all realms of creativity. His endeavors include chopping apart freight trains, tug boats, hacking fire hydrants, exploding sculptures, decon-re-construction, adventures into the metaphysical, and breathing all for the sake of realizing fantasy, experimental thinking, and an understanding of the multi-verse.

Kyiv, Ukraine - Art Arsenal - Music Box Outpost Washinton, DC - (e)merge Art Fair - Large Haydron Colossus + The White Snake
Everywhere, USA - Dawn of the Universe Tour
New Orleans, LA - Contemporary Art Center - "Mantenme"
New Orleans, LA - Parse Gallery - The Harness of Chaosynchronous

New Orleans, LA - The Music Box
Miami, FL - Red Dot
Detroit, MI - Vodopoi
New Orleans, LA - Parse Gallery - Brian/Brain Massage
Gowanus, NY - Gowanus Ballroom - Art and Architecture
Brooklyn, NY - Show Paper Studios - A Light in the Basement
Portland, OR - Reed College - RAW Arts Festival
Brooklyn, NY - Sequence of Waves

Miami, FL - Red Dot
Richmond, VA - BB&B - Hydroforms
New Orleans, LA - Parse Gallery ...And Beyond

Miami, FL - PULSE
Washington, DC - Conner Contemporary - Academy 2009
Washington, DC - CUA Gallery - Senior Thesis Exhibition
Washington, DC - Salve Regina Gallery - Seeing is Believing - Group