Château Poulet

Chateau Poulet is collaboration between New Orleans artist Andrew Schrock and Berlin-based artist Klaas Hubner. This musical house has been designed to become one of Airlift’s transportable musical houses that will join the Roving Village.

Both Andrew and Klaas had worked with fans previously and Airlift decided it was a perfect match to bring their ideas together. They had never met, but it did not take long for us all to see that this was love! Their personalities, their ideas, and their talent created this fantastical house that uses tubes attached to handmade fan blades to create a unique and deeply harmonic sound. Pulling on ropes allows the player to change the speed of the fans and their tones. Fan blades slicing through the exterior of the house give this instrument of musical architecture a visual thrill that matches its sonic wonder.

Halfway through the build local musicians Aurora Nealand, Brad Benichek and Paul Thibodeaux performed a concert with the house that was unbelievably epic. After the house was completed Marshall LaCount (Dark Dark Dark), Mirah, and Todd Chandler performed a lullaby-like dreamscape that perfectly complemented the house’s “sounds of heaven,” as described by local youth from Make Music Nola who attended workshops with the artists.

Airlift cannot wait for Chateau Poulet to join the other transportable houses we built this year in 2015 for the Roving Village Residency and our permanent village down the road.